I’m the One.

March 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

If you are bored enough to read the ramblings of a girl with a constantly racing mind, then welcome!!

A super important person in my life told me that if I wanted to be a writer, then I needed to write.  In a way, he was completely “all knowing.”  Figures.  But he doesn’t know about the notebooks and pieces of paper scattered across my room.  Because I choose to let people see a part of me that is watered down.  A part of me that is so private that even I am afraid to see it.

I guess I don’t even know where to start.  How does one accurately “blog” and have people give a shit?  But this is for me.  Remember that.

So I will start with this…

My favorite band “growing up” was the Descendents.  I put the growing up in quotes, because it wasn’t really growing up to me.  I was old enough to make my own decisions.  To love something because I felt like I wanted to, and not because I felt like I should.  And looking back on this now, it’s so amazing to me and so inspiring to realize that I was always myself.  Completely.  Even when it scared everybody around me.

My best friends in the entire world were listening to 89x while I was listening to Milo goes to College.  While I was determining whether Bikeage was a better song because of the Descendents or Face To Face.  And to me, that actually means something.  To me, that makes me fall in love with myself and the Descendents all over again.  And maybe that is why I got a Milo permanently attached to the bottom of my leg.  Because to me, there are things that I never want to forget.  Parts of me, that should never go away.

But it is true that I have turned into a giant sap in my old age.  And that you’re more likely to hear Conor Oberst crying through my speakers, or hear Owen making me wish I was falling in and out of love again.  But there is always a part of me that is 15 years old again.  And although I am no longer striving to be anybody’s “punk rock girl,” I will always have a special place in my heart for Milo and everything he has to say.  If you don’t get sick-o-me.


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