Blogging. Day 3.

March 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Sometimes I feel like nothing makes sense.  Like a zombie searching for someone else’s brain.  And today was one of those days.

Waking up on someone else’s couch doesn’t seem to hold the same appeal that it used to.  And a lot of times I wish that I could just grow up.  Find a job that suits my personality.  One that prevents me from drinking so much, and in turn, smoking so much.

And a lot of times, I wish that I was strong enough to move myself away from this place and all it’s temptations.  And all of my past.  Eh.  So for the past week, I have been thinking about moving to LA for the summer.  And trying to find a job that doesn’t involve the white trash of America.  But I always end up justifying why I should stay home because I am terrified of change.  At least any major changes.

Which would probably explain why I settle for this mediocrity.



§ One Response to Blogging. Day 3.

  • Lisa says:

    you HAVE to go to LA. you must. nowwwww is your time. U CAN DO IT! (wish i could go with) DAMMIT WHY DID I GET A NEW JOB! this could’ve been the most insane summer ever in LA…

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