This is the first day of my life.

September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I finally got up the courage to ask Carl to leave me alone. Beg even. And I hope that when he reads the words that I wrote, he will listen. He will go away.

Because I have no desire to know him anymore. I have no desire to have him know me.

Like I said, I was okay without him. I was happier without him.

So goodbye dude. It’s been real. Horrible.

On another note, I have been so happy lately that I could scream. But I can’t let anybody hear it. And some things, I want to just be mine. And last night, I had a lot of fun with three of my best girl friends. And my best dude friend. And for a while, I didn’t notice that I was missing anything anyone else.

And I feel so happy to have people in my life that are so inspiring. To have people that love me no matter what.

To have a best friend that says things like “you need to look in the mirror more and realize how pretty you are.”

And even though the Jameson headache made me want to die today, I still felt good. It’s been a while.

Things making me happy today:

Video e-mails. Tegan love. Bruno snores. Polish food. Southall’s funny texts. My sister. Laughing at my dad. Laughing with my dad about Jimmy Johns. From here to Eternity. Haunted. E-mails with Londy on FB. Hole up. Smash. Closure. Textlove. Catching up on my stories. Laughing. John Shea phone calls. Beulah. Blogs.

<3. "Glad I didn't die before I met you."


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