Normal Life.

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

I noticed that I haven’t been writing about much else, besides him. So in an attempt to sound like less of a lovesick little girl, I am going to discuss the other things that are making my life complete lately.

From Here to Eternity has officially grabbed me up and swept me away. For a book that I had never intended to read, or know about, I have fallen in love. With all the characters. With the love. And the struggles.

I have been painting again. Things for friends. I feel so creative and happy when I’m zoning out.

I have been working. A lot. And making that money, to pull myself out of the debt I accumulated in LA. And I’m happy in my mediocre job for the moment.

Smashers and Justin moved to Chicago and left me without favorites, but at least now I have an excuse close by, to leave this town behind for a while. Because most days I wish I never moved back from LA. That I was away with one person who really really knew me and a few new people. I will probably always wish…

See, such a normal life. With day to day routine. And a full heart.

Other things making me Happy lately:

Pug baths. En route picture mail. Daydreams. Hitting John in the face with my fish. From Here to Eternity. Burning Love Burgers. Good shifts. Christmas Lists. Sisters pictures. Birthsgiving. Texttexttext. Love. Life. Good friends. Pug snores. Obsessive kittens. Small human. Yok Yok.

It’s been a long time, since I’ve been so content.
Happy even.



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