January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

On this day, exactly one year from now, I will have a completed book. With my name on it. With my words.

This year I want:
To sign up for yoga and actually go. To have fun writing my book. To vacation to someplace I have never been. To go to the movies by myself. To take myself on dates. To be better with my blog. To be more positive. To go to beauty school. To save money. To move out. To visit J. Shea a few times. To be a better person. To read more books. To find someone who loves me (unconditionally). To be happy. To open a shop on etsy to sell my paintings. To grow my hair out longgg. To shave my legs more. To spend less. To delete all negative people from my life. To be more positive myself.

I want…

To figure it out.

To fall in love.

Or stay in love.

And this year, I will accomplish everything I want to accomplish.

Here goes nothing…


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