Moving on up.

January 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Before tonight, I was secretly worried about committing myself to beauty school. Terrified of taking a year (or year and a half) and just focusing on one goal.

Because then I won’t be able to travel. I won’t be able to stop, even for one minute, to catch my breath.

My days will be filled with work then class. Class then work. Repeat.

And I was scared.

But tonight, I was waiting on the white trash of America, like I do every Saturday night. And it dawned on me. That I am better than this.

And I need some form of creative outlet in my life. Not just making burgers out of construction paper for boards that none of us read. Not just teaching young kids how to properly refill a cup of coffee.

And that realization was exactly what I needed. To own this. To not be afraid.

So for one year (or year and a half) I am going to work on moving out of glorified fast food. And into the real world.

And I won’t be scared.

I can always travel and breathe and write and draw and paint and live…in 2013.

…and I bet people aren’t often rude to their hairdressers.



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