January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some people are so disappointing. And predictable to a point where it becomes pathetic. But I did promise myself that I would do some giving up this year.

So I guess I’m proud of myself. For taking control. For telling him that he’s a psycho. For telling him to never contact me ever again. For meaning it.

And it’s okay. Because I won’t miss him.

I never do.

Because nobody misses a liar.

Things making me happyyyy:
Weeds. Sonny and Cher karaoke. Scotty. John Shea. Black hair. Long hair. Blogging again. Danny Tanner. Love texts. Winter hats. Target. Online shopping. New Steve Madden pumps. Two days off in a row. Bruno diapers. GH. New 90210. Little meows. 5 weeks! Carnaby dress on the wayyyy. Regina Spektor. Reeses hearts. Being called a disloyal fuck. ❤

But mostly :<

So believe me. Everything is always going to be alright.


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