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I’ve decided to be more positive lately. Which is in no way to imply that I don’t enjoy my nights out with my ladies where we sit around and laugh, drink, and talk shit. Because I’m only human. And everyone needs to vent.

But I am going to be kinder to people. To myself. And I’m going to smile more. Even when everything is seemingly shit. Because I’ve got it pretty good. I always have.

And lately, I’ve felt really pretty. Beautiful, even. And not just because my face is easy to look at most of the time, but because I am overwhelmed with a happiness that I didn’t believe in before this year. And because I’ve found the courage to erase all the shitty people in my life. And because all the ones that are left over, are so inspiring and loving. And because I randomly get e-mails from my past, reminding me that I’m not that forgettable. And because everything is alright. Better than alright.

And because last night, I realized that I don’t need anyone else to complete my happiness. Because everyone is disappointing.

I know, I have been. And that I will continue to be every once in a while.

But I won’t be paranoid or jealous or deliberately hurtful.

I’ll just be me. And someone will love me for that. So much, in fact, that they won’t be able to live without it.

I’ll just be me.


For lack of something better to write.

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Things making me happy this week or so:

Kitty stalker. New lingerie. Nice(r) weather. Bruno walks. Painting again. Sunday and Monday off. Carl e-mail. Reygan Joy. Bright pink lipstick. Realizing I need a haircut. Bushy eyebrows. Feeling pretty. Sweatshirts instead of winter coats. Always laughing. Too much candy. GH. 90210. Vampire Diaries. Moneymoneymoney. Merc outfit shipped! Finally wearing my vintage old lady skirt. Family easter.

etc. etc.

Love at First sight.

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I never believed in Love at first sight, until I met her. This tiny little baby with my sisters nose and the littlest fingers I’ve ever seen. Eyes wide open, looking around. And the most adorable little lips.

And just by holding her and looking at her, I knew that I loved her. And I would do anything for her.


Reygan Joy Kammer, I love you.


Things making me happyhappyhappy lately:
My niece queen. New lingerie. Finishing Water for Elephants. Looooong and hilarious phone conversations with Daneila. Twitterpated/Thumper. So so so so so so much Love. BIBz. Long naps. Transantlanticism. Obsessively brushing my teeth all day. Making that money. Vampire Diaries return. One day of 80 degree weather.

Two months!

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I feel much better now.


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Things that are maintaining my happiness today:

Water for elephants and daydreaming about the circus. Kit Kats. New dresses. Hearing Bruno snores through my closed door. Remembering to take my vitamins. Root Beer. Old music by an old friend. The courage to let it go. Making over 300 dollars in two days. Requesting time off work. God pamphlets. Two days off in a week. Finally purchasing a full length mirror. Dinner and lunch in a week with my mother and Holly. Red lipstick.

It can’t rain all the time.

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