Remember me?!

August 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m sure that the three people that follow my blog, will be ecstatic to see that I finally remembered I had one. And it’s not that things have been too blah or too busy, I just didn’t feel like talking for a while. I didn’t feel like sharing, and then I didn’t know what to share, and then I had too much information that could possibly make all of you puke.

Oh, to be young and in love.

But I do assure you, that things keep happening in my world. Even if I don’t feel like sitting down in front of this computer screen and letting it all out.

Lately, most of my thoughts have been about moving back to LA. For different reasons this time. Or maybe for the same reasons, but different intentions. And I’m excited. And I’m obsessively thinking up all of these plans in my head. And I’m worrying.

But I have time now. Too much time, I think.

Things making me so HAPPY today:
The Chipster. Morning e-mails. Mothers Phd e-mail about clementines. Pizza. Chocolate milk. Modern Family. Ape House. Hot showers. Remembering to blog.


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