Goodbye 2011.

January 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

I don’t regret anything about 2011. I don’t believe in regrets. But this year did teach me to be so thankful to the people that stuck around. And to be appreciative to all the love and opportunity that has been given to me. And although sometimes I wish I would have been better to people in my past, if I were, maybe I wouldn’t be sitting here today. At this computer. So many miles away from everything I know.

And I’m so amazed at the ways that I’ve changed this year. At the things that I’ve forgiven and for the things that I’ve been forgiven for. Which I think have shaped me into the kind of woman that I have always wanted to be.

The beauty and the chaos were everything I have ever wanted. And I got them. And now things are able to slow down. I am able to slow down.

I am able to trust and love and be loved. I am able to live.

2011 made me stronger and more self aware. It taught me to fight for what I want, and to never accept less than that. It taught me to be good to myself and the people that deserve the same from me. It taught me to apologize for bad behavior, but to never apologize for being me.

It taught me to become the kind of person that can be counted on. Loyal and deserving. Kind and trusting.

2011 made me happy.

2011 gave me awful truths and beautiful lies. But it gave me love.

And I couldn’t be happier with the place that I am at right now. With the people that are surrounding me.

I am so lucky.

Let’s see what you got, 2012.



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