I’m BaaaAAAAaaaaack!

October 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

It took me a long time to realize, what a blog was truly about.  And it isn’t really about promoting the latest clothing line, or promoting another blog, it’s about having an outlet.  And my outlet has always been a piece of paper and pen, until my hands started hurting.  And my idea of acceptance started changing.


I got engaged.


Excuse me, I got FUCKING engaged.


And I don’t cuss normally.  I don’t get overly excited, and I don’t overshare.  


But it’s time now.


Because my heart is overflowing  with a happiness, that I was uncertain I would ever obtain. Because I never knew peace, until I put this little gold band on my finger.  And Charles can tell you, that I didn’t know trust until that same day. 


And none of it was his fault, but I pinned it all on him.

Until now.


And now I know just exactly where I will end up.  And who will be there when I do.


And I know all the people that I want to share it with and who I want to leave behind.  And it’s all because of him.  And his one question.  5 words. 


Will you be my wife?


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